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ClientSim in Unity Editor

The VRChat Client Simulator, or ClientSim for short, is a tool that enables you to test your VRChat SDK3 Worlds directly in Unity! You can look at the state of all objects to verify things directly.


  • Debug everything in Unity.
  • Inspect Udon variables in Play Mode.
  • Desktop player controller.
  • Grab Pickups, use Interacts, UI and Stations.
  • Delete EditorOnly objects on Play.




Note: this will be much easier soon with the Open Beta release of the VRChat Creator Companion, Coming Soon™

  • In your project, open the Unity Package Manager, click the + button and choose 'Add package from git URL...'.
    • Put in Then wait as the package imports or press Ctrl+R to refresh if you have auto-refresh turned off.
    • Click the + button again and add this git url:
    • Press the + button one last time and add this url:

Getting started

  • Open your VRChat world scene
  • Press play in Unity
  • Test your world

Learn more about how all the systems work in the Systems section

New Features in ClientSim compared to CyanEmu

  • Pickup manipulation through I, J, K, L, U, O, mouse scrolling and gamepad.
  • Input based on keyboard layout isntead of specific keys.
  • Local and Remote player now have humanoid avatars, avatar bones supported (but not full Avatar systems).
  • View and set player data directly - Locomotion values, voice and avatar audio settings, combat health.
  • Unlock mouse by holding tab - you can highlight off-center objects this way.
  • Pointer displays when a UI element can be interacted with.
  • New runtime options: start as non-master, invert mouse, show tooltips, change player scale, set target framerate, delay start to simulate loading.
  • New playmode menu with updated style, player info and settings buttons.
  • New buttons in the Settings Window to update Project Settings, no longer happens without user consent.
  • Mesh highlighting that matches Android.
  • Tooltip location updated to match client.
  • Better gamepad support.
  • Support for Disabled Domain Reload to enter playmode without delay - note that there is a Unity bug that causes UI Events to fail if they're not set to "Editor and Runtime".
  • Automated Testing - you need to specifically enable this so it won't affect your project. Documentation forthcoming.

Known Issues

  • Manually changing Unity Project settings to enable the new input system may not properly allow input. Users should use the buttons in the ClientSim Settings Window.
  • Physics.RaycastNonAlloc sometimes does not return colliders that have moved and do not have rigidbodies.
  • On exiting playmode may throw exceptions occasionally due to order in which objects are destroyed.
  • Highlight shader does not work on Mac (Metal).

Copyright (c) 2021 VRChat See for full usage information


Based on CyanEmu by CyanLaser, who also made this version.